Brent Carers Hub Services

If you are looking for information, advice and support on any aspect of your caring responsibilities then Brent Carers Centre is your first point of contact.

Our Brent Carers Hub Service is a single access point for Brent Carers to contact us to seek advice, information and support on any matter relating to their caring role.  We operate the Hub on behalf of our strategic partner, Brent Council.

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Information and Advice

We provide a wide range of information and advice on what you will need to know and what you may be entitled to.  We can give you information on other services available in the borough, in the community, social services, your GP or other health services.

Also, we can advise you or make referrals to other specialist advice services such as legal or housing matters and much more.

Our aim is to stop you running around in circles or being passed from pillar to post to find the right support.  Even if we do not know an answer to your question(s) we will know someone who does.

We ensure our advice workers are fully trained and have sound knowledge of services and support available to you.  Have you considered making plans for when something goes wrong? Do you know where to turn in a crisis?  If you need help on any matter relating to yourself or caring role then please Contact Us or have a look at our Resources for Carers page.

Advocacy and Representation

If you are having difficulties in getting your point across with other professionals, you may need our assistance in speaking on your behalf.  We will also challenge a decision that has being made by other agencies which you feel are not fair or right.  Just Contact Us if you would like support in this area.

Money and Benefits Advice

If you do not know, or you are unsure, about the benefits you should be receiving we can help you.  This includes helping you to complete benefit forms, as well as dealing with problems in managing your finances and/or debts.

Also, if we become aware of any grants you can apply for we will let you know, including supporting you on how to complete the necessary application form.

Further information please Contact Us or check out our Benefits & Other Financial Help page.

Whole Family Support

Are you a young carer?  We provide “Whole Family Assessments”, which is quite different from a carers assessment, whereby from one to one consultation we look at the individual needs of each member within the family and identify support to address those needs.

We try to ensure that the whole family is well supported.  For example, we know that young carers in particular may face problems such as school attendance, homework, etc.  We may be able to locate a homework club or negotiate extra support in school, which would depend on your preference and what would best suit your needs.  Mum might need assistance with the housework, and this would be another area of support we would look into.

For further information on young carers please Contact Us or check out our Young Carers page.

Access to Work and Training

Are you in employment?  Are you looking for employment?

We offer support to carers to sustain them in their workplace, including providing advice on your rights.  For further information have a look at our Working Carers page.

We also offer support to carers who are looking for new work and/or volunteering opportunities.  Examples include help with completing job application forms and advice on interviewing techniques.  We provide training workshops to help build your skills and confidence in work skills.  Check out our latest Caring Matters Newsletter for the latest events coming up and/or our Events page.

Caring Support and Training

Do you need support in developing your skills to better care for the person you are caring for?  Do you want to learn more about the medical condition(s) of the person you are caring for?  Do you want to learn more about coping strategies (including managing challenging behaviour and managing stress)?  We offer such support via carer awareness sessions and our carer support groups.

Have a look at our Carer Support Groups & Activities, Events and Training for Carers pages.

Emergency Support

Have you produced an emergency plan in the event of something happening to you?  Is it up-to-date?  Does it cover the whole family?  Is it accessible?  These are issues we can help you to develop and/or update.  Have a look at our Emergency Planning page.

We also work with GP Surgeries and other professionals to raise awareness of this issue.

Equipment Replacement or Needs

If you have essential home equipment which has broken down we may be able to assist you in accessing funds/grants to replace the equipment.  This could be for something like a washing machine or a bed.  Young carers may need a computer or a tablet to assist with homework or tackling social isolation.  Whatever this may be we will look into what grants are available at the time of your request.

Home Adjustments & Equipment 

There may come a time where you need to make adjustments to your home because of limited mobility of yourself or the person you care for.  You may need a hoist to get out of bed, or grab rails in the hallway.  You may find the bath too difficult to get into, so perhaps a shower or wet room would be more appropriate; getting up and down the stairs may be too difficult too!  If you find things becoming more & more difficult to use within your home or difficulty getting around, please Contact Us.  We can support you in applying for a home improvement grant.

You may also be interested in what technological equipment or resources could be of assistance to you giving you peace of mind in the home or making some areas of responsibility easier for you.  We can assist you in finding out more about what may be useful to you in your home.

Home Repairs & Maintenance

We can help you access a service in the borough which can carry out basic repairs, improvements and adaptations such as electrical, carpentry and plumbing jobs.  This is a service to help keep vulnerable people safe and secure in their homes.

You will have to pay for any materials used.  Labour is free if you are on benefits; if you are not on benefits the labour charges are subsidised.  If there are basic repairs required in your home please Contact Us to obtain assistance from this service.

Carers Counselling Service

Brent Carers Centre Booklets page - 2016 How counselling can benefit you Leaflet image 80 xCounselling is a talking therapy that involves talking and listening, and working with a counsellor who is trained to support you in a safe setting so you can start to discuss those issues that are causing you concern.  It can help you come to terms with your caring role, release painful feelings and see your options more clearly.

Counselling at the Centre is free and is provided by a team of volunteer counsellors.  Carers are offered an initial meeting to find out more about the counselling we offer and how we can best meet their needs, before being assigned a counsellor.

If you are able to commit to attending 10 weekly sessions and would like to find out more about this service or make a referral please telephone 020 8795 6244 or email

Access to Health and Wellbeing Services

Does your GP know that you are a carer?  If not please let him/her know so that they can record your details on their Carer Register.  This may result in some additional adjustments and support for you and the person you care for when visiting your doctor.  Your GP will let you know of the additional support they will provide.  For further information have a look at our Carers Health and Wellbeing page.

We are working with GP surgeries in Brent to raise awareness of carer issues, including helping professional staff to identify carers in their practices as early as possible.  If you think your GP could do more for carers, please let us know.


The easiest and best way to keep in touch with the developments of our services, local news and consultations is to REGISTER YOUR DETAILS WITH US.  You will receive a free copy of our seasonal Newsletter “Caring Matters”, and we use other forms of communication (including email) to remind you of forthcoming events, meetings and consultations.

Contact Us to register and/or for further information.